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Production on the 5th new show begins…

Monday, August 24, 2009 was the first meeting of SkyDancer performers to talk about the new show and work on scheduling.

Attending were performers:
Anhinga Chaika, Tatiana Kurri, Angelique Menoptra, Lina Lageos, Pielady Smalls, Wytchwhisper Sadofsky, Talulah Bancroft and CJ27 Jigsaw. Buffy Beale had a family engagement.

Also attending were: Technical Director ZenMondo Wormser and Artistic Director DC Spensley (author of this post)

This was our last meeting at NMC’s Ars Simulacra, where the last two SkyDancer productions were hosted. NMC has offered us a much less populated sim to work in at Coliseum West, which has been renamed Coliseum West – Ars SkyDancer for our puproses. It took a few tries to get the sim all set up and ready for our production in terms of privs and media controls, but thanks to Larry, Tayzia, Stella and Anhinga we were successful getting a blank canvas ready for the new show.

The first meeting was full of high spirits as we prepare to enter into a new cycle of rehearsals and full bore development on the new production. This means a lot of hard work for everyone involved and everyone seems ready and raring to go after the summer break.

Meetings are Tuesday nights at 6:30PM SLT

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