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SkyDance V Press/Dress a great success!

Photo credit: Quan Lavender

The SkyDance V dress rehearsal and press preview went off swimmingly despite the complete failure of Second Life voice chat following the Jan 16 updates. Switching to Skype voice chat has added an extra level of reliability just as the original switch to voice did in 2008. (prior shows will “called” entirely in IM text!)

At this time congratulations are in order for all the SkyDancers: Assistant Director Anhinga Chaika, Tatiana Kurri (role of Gopus Bülie), Angel Menoptra (role of Hereau) and Buffy Beale, Pielady Smalls, Wytchwhisper Sdofsky, Juji Kumsung, Neena Botanical and Dot Pellazi. (all role of Sufolla)

A special welcome to our new House Manager:
Unbelievable Destiny! Destiny’s first show was a trial by fire. Not knowing exactly what to expect didn’t slow down Destiny in this sometimes difficult but critical role, her experience and professionalism are awe inspiring. Welcome! SL readers who want to book seats, please contact Unbelievable Destiny in SL to reserve your seats!

Also, congratulations to Pielady Smalls who has been appointed Assistant Producer of the ZEROG SkyDance production. Thank you for being there when it counts and for your steady hand and cool head Pielady!

Kudos also go to Juji, Neena and Dot who flew their maiden SkyDance on January 23! Welcome to a very rare club indeed! Your commitment and enthusiasm for the SkyDance is much appreciated and you can tell by the response of the audience how your work was perceived!

Last but not least, the entire SkyDance production would like to thank our sponsors the Linden Endowment for the Arts for providing us a safe and secure place to do our work!

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